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Intergenerational Trauma and the Promise of Healing

Our ancestors may affect us more than we think.

One of the gifts of therapy is being able to understand one’s life within context. To begin to see the seemingly random occurrences of pain, poor personal choices, and disappointing relationships as a coherent narrative. Perhaps the most important task of therapy is to help a client see that their lives make sense. I have found that helping clients understand intergenerational trauma is key to helping them make sense of what may feel like fragmented pieces of their story.

The mental health crisis among children and teens: How parents can help

We are in the midst of a pediatric mental health crisis — and parents need to take action.

Over the past couple of years, the pandemic has not only killed hundreds of thousands; it has also shut us inside, cut off social contacts, taken parents out of work and children out of school. The consequences have been tremendous. And one of those consequences is that we are seeing alarming amounts of anxiety and depression in our children and teens.

Your Guide to Managing Workplace Anxiety

Do anxious feelings tend to bubble up suddenly while you’re at work? Do you get nervous just thinking about your job? Does your mood change come Monday morning, or Sunday evening, for that matter?

If your anxiety revolves around work, you might be experiencing workplace anxiety, also known as work stress. And you’re most certainly not alone.

How to Rock Your Impostor Syndrome

3. Feeling like a fraud may just be a key component of success.

Impostor syndrome generally refers to the persistent feeling of doubt that our achievements are justified and a reflection of our skills, talents, and efforts. Rather we feel that we are frauds and that our success is somehow not earned. Unfortunately, we are susceptible to impostor syndrome in any and all areas of our lives. The perceived sense that we are frauds can color our feelings about our work, romantic relationships, friendships, and personal interests.

How Much Stress Is Too Much?

Can we learn to tell when we will likely be overwhelmed?

Could you run for 10 miles? Could you pick up a 100-pound stone? Most people, without embarrassment, would answer “no.” People know how much is too much, how much might hurt them. What if we ask the same questions about emotional stress?

Understanding Intergenerational Trauma and Its Effects

Traumatic experiences can take many forms.

You might, for instance, find yourself facing long-term emotional distress after discovering a partner’s infidelity, losing your sibling in a car accident, or coping with the sudden illness and death of a beloved pet.

Black Masculinity and Mental Health: How to Move Past Outdated Roles and Encourage Better Care

Expectations surrounding Black masculinity, such as the requirement to be strong and stoic, have often prevented Black men from seeking mental health care. But it's possible to overcome this reluctance and make mental wellness a priority..

It's no secret that exposure to racism and discrimination is linked to various adverse mental health outcomes. The effects of systemic racism on Black Americans have been persistent and profound, as the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) points out, and the increase in media reports and images of police brutality and violence inflicted upon members of the Black community has added insult to injury.

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