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Welcome !

Welcome to KCW Psychological Services. Our goal is to help clients maintain mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health through therapy and wellness practices. 

We are focused on facilitating hope and healing through mental health and wellness practices for women and men of color, as well as underrepresented groups in the mental health space.

We connect with our clients through our personal experiences, and utilize our professional training and creativity to assist our clients with developing and implementing individualized effective strategies to address their challenges.

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We conduct consultation sessions to obtain information regarding your current symptoms, behaviors, challenges, and functioning. We discuss the treatment process, and answer your questions.


We conduct assessments before and throughout the treatment process to formally evaluate your functioning and to assess your symptoms in order to formulate a treatment plan of how we will address your challenges.


We engage in the therapeutic process with our clients to address their challenges and concerns. We integrate our professional training, personal experiences, and a variety of treatment modalities such as, talk therapy, wellness practices, and creative arts interventions...etc to assist clients with processing their challenging thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Treatment modalities are utilized when warranted, and based on client interest, comfort level, and request.


You are allowed to be both a




Come With..

Your CHALLENGES with…anxiety, stress, trauma (past and present), depression, low self-esteem, difficulty with interpersonal relationships (family, platonic, romantic), struggles with work/life balance, life transitions..and more. 

Your HOPE / DESIRE/ MOTIVATION…. to heal, to grow, to be more introspective, to connect with yourself (and/or with others), to be self-compassionate, to facilitate change, to progress, to EVOLVE ...into your TRUE SELF!

Therapy Session
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We Will Bring

We provide our clients with a safe place to be introspective and explore their past experiences, current challenges, and future goals. We facilitate self and emotional expression through talk therapy, creative arts, and wellness practices. 

We connect with our clients through our personal experiences, and utilize our professional training and creativity to provide our clients with the knowledge/tools/ techniques to assist them with addressing their challenges, as well as, assist our clients with developing and implementing individualized effective strategies to address their challenges.

Growth is constant, so we continue to learn new mental health techniques and wellness practices and integrate them in our treatment with clients.




Dr. Keisha C. White


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Hello, I am Dr. Keisha C. White. I am the founder, director, and supervising  Clinical and School Psychologist of KCW Psychological Services (video / tele-health ) therapy and wellness private practice. I earned my Bachelor Degree from Rutgers University in New Jersey, double majoring in Dance and Psychology. I trained as a psychologist in New Jersey, New York City, and California. I obtained a Masters of Educational Psychology at Montclair State University,  School Psychology Professional Diploma from Fordham University, and my Doctorate in School Clinical Child Psychology at Pace University.

I completed an APA accredited internship at Pacific Clinics and Post Doctoral Fellowship at both Harbor UCLA Medical Center and Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health. I have worked in hospital (inpatient and residential), college psychological services, outpatient clinics, as well as, community, school, and home-based settings. 




As an African American woman growing up in multicultural and ethnically diverse communities, I understand the interrelated impact of diverse cultures, individual differences, and environmental contexts on the development and worldviews of individuals. I recognize the importance yet challenges with having multifaceted identities (e.g., race, age, sexual identity, religion, socio-economic status, education, personal interests…etc) and remaining “true to self,” while engaging in mainstream culture.

With this knowledge, I continue to instill in my clients (as well as myself) the importance of maintaining mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness practices, as well as, feelings of HOPE, self-acceptance, and the understanding that the experiences I have had and the choices I have made are not finite and do not solely define my identity. My clients and I are both “agents of change,” constantly progressing, and continuously developing through this journey called life.


Dr. Cathy Nguyen


My name is Cathy Nguyen and I’m a licensed clinical psychologist. I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology with a minor in Japanese from University of California, Davis. Then, I received my doctorate in Clinical Psychology from California School of Professional Psychology – San Diego (APA accredited school). I completed a yearlong internship at the Oklahoma Forensic Center, and I currently work in a California state hospital with individuals experiencing severe mental illness.

I utilize treatment modalities such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Community Therapy (ACT), and other evidence based therapeutic techniques to help clients with their social-emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal/relational challenges. I incorporate new and creative techniques (videos, visual aids, and artistic expression) to assist my clients with processing information, applying interventions, and practicing skills. I utilize a client centered approach with my clients,  and strive to create a space my clients can freely work through problematic relational patterns, identity, and emotional issues.

I am especially welcoming to those who identify within the minority
community. As part of the Asian community, I understand first-hand the barriers that people from minority population face when considering seeking professional help. These barriers have increased my dedication to serving minority populations in hopes to make therapy more accessible to all. In my experience, I have found that many of my minority clients struggled with fears of being misunderstood or invalidated. Thus, I take careful consideration of how my client’s cultural identity can impact their worldview. Identity is also shaped by the environment that we live in, as a result I’m aware of the systematic issues in modern society and the impact they have on identity development and expression. I empower my clients to have a healthy self-image, confidently set boundaries, develop assertive communication, and learn healthy ways of expressing emotions. expression. I truly enjoy and am honored to watch my clients gain a deeper understanding of themselves that allows them to make positive and healthy decisions for themselves. I hope to help you grow into your authentic self.

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“When “I” is replaced with “We” even illness becomes WELLNESS”  - Malcolm X

Lets Work Together !!


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